Tuesday, 23 December 2008

T-Ride Lyrics: You and your friend

Must we go
Running through our lives
With our eyes closed tightly
To the love and happiness we could share
I think I'm in love with you

In my dreams
I can see us in a tight embrace
Doing all the things that we never really dared
I think I'm in love with you and your friend
Honest I do
I can't see you and me and her without each other
And I hope you feel the same way too

You and me and her
I'm spending all of my time
You and your friend
Trying my best to to talk you into being mine
Just a little love thing, sounds so fine

You and me and her
When I say I love you
You and your friend

When I say I love you both
I'm being sincere
Come and whisper something deadly in my ear

In my dreams
I can see us in a tight embrace
Doin' all the things that we never really dare
I think I'm in love with you and your friend
Honest I do
I can't see you and me and her without each other
And I hope you feel the same way too
Cause I think that I'm in love with you

Friday, 19 December 2008

T-Ride Lyrics: Ride

We are fortune's will, born guilty as charged
Bound up in chains
Heard a shot, but you were only
Blowing out your brains

Cross your fingers and roll your dice
We've got your sacrifice
Who will feel today

Te-hell-you RIDE
So, ride on your rosary
Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down

We're hard to kill
Lady luck's by our side
Don't waste your time
You can get your piece of pie
But keep your hands off mine

Don't give me that righteous rap
And all that live and let live crap
Clap your bloody hands for

Te-hell-ya RIDE

Whisper deadly nothings in my ear
Touch me soft with your disease
Bye, bye my chosen one
Bye, bye my love so divine
Come on, get on 'cause you're glory bound
Gonna fly away to heaven and we'll follow you soon

Hot damn, this is gonna be good
We'll be hanging them high
Just like a bad boy should
I know that we're right
We've got God on our side
No use fussing or fighting, just take a little


Ride 'em down, and they'll T-Ride
Ride 'em down, to hell T-Ride
Ride 'em down, we'll all T-Ride

Monday, 15 December 2008

T-Ride Lyrics: Backdoor Romeo

Knock at the backdoor
Click at the glass
Girl inside has got a little surprise
She gonna get his ass

All over town, he's been leaving the girls undone
Telling them all that they're the only one

She said Bang! Bang! if I catch you
With another woman
Come on, Come on don't you buffalo me

Romeo came knocking at the door
She said: "I catch you sucking someone else's dirty lips you're dead for sure"

I'll knock at your backdoor most every night
But you ain't my only stop
Long as we keep it out of sight
Too bad if I get caught
It's a better game if you play the sucker right
So let me spell it out
So you can keep the rules tight
I'm just a Romeo knockin' at the backdoor
In the middle of the night
So, give it to me
Give it to 'em, babe

Bang! Bang! if I ever touch another woman
Come on, come on don't you buffalo me

Romeo came knocking at the door
She said: "I catch you sucking someone else's dirty lips you're dead for sure"

Valentines of bullets for disloyal lovers
Back door romeo
No way she'll share him with any other

Sitting on death row in her honeymoon suite
Cause soon in the sky when the moon is high
Their reunion will be complete

Well she had to smile when they pulled the switch
'Cause in a little while when her body started to twitch
She knew her romeo knockin' at the back door would be with her again

She said Bang, Bang,
If you catch me with another woman
Come on, she gonna buffalo you

Romeo came knocking at the door
She said: "I catch you sucking someone else's dirty lips you're dead for sure"

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

T-Ride Lyrics: Zombies From Hell

Got a sight of something, later the other night
Made the blood in my veins run colder than ice
In the TV's glow
my mind's on
Cruise Control
The man on television says we're under attack from rockin'
Rock and roll
Zombies from Hell
Death Chicago
Destruction San Fransico
Gone Newark
Dust Lost Angeles
Trashed Pittsburgh
Killed Miami
Lost New Orleans
Desolate San Diego
Slayed Detroit
Burned Tallahassee
Flat Dallas
Torched New York, New York

Better burn your records, set 'em all alight
Lock up all your windows, better shutter 'em up tight
Watch where your kids go... keep 'em all...
Home at Night

Betteg get ourselves together or we'll all be wasted
Rock and Roll Zombies From Hell

Years ago in a happier time, everything was right
But somewhere in paradise blazing red eyes
Drilled holes in the night

Ain't no stopping what we got under construction
When we lay it down, don't dare miss our production
Won't be satisfied til you're in full reduction
We are here to stay, we are the earth's destruction

Even though you try, there ain't any use
Putting up your best fight.
You couldn't win
No matter whether or not you try with all your might

You don't know that you're dealin out of your league
You best just come around to see The enemy's won
Earth's begun to crash down to the ground

Should have seen the warnings
Should have been concerned
But when a clue was offered
Your back was always turned

So take it on your feet
Though all hope is gone
If you wipe the tears from out of your eyes
You'll see that I was right all along

Now up in your room, you hide yourself away
And it seems you're losin' touch
A little bit more with every passing day
Maybe it's a nightmare from which you can't escape

And there's something breathing out there under your fire escape

Zombies from hell

Friday, 31 October 2008

What guitar did Jeff Tyson use

What kind of guitar is fit for Jeff Tyson, the legendary guitar player for T-Ride? What would best suit his amazing skills as a musician. Every fan wants to know what gear their heros use. It makes them more real. It gives you something to aim for. Get the gear, turn up the amp, put on Backdoor Romeo or Zombies from Hell way too loud and try and keep up with T-Ride. It makes you feel part of the band. So what guitar did Jeff Tyson use back in the T-Ride days?

In the late 80's and early 90's when hair metal was still going strong and grunge had yet to take the focus of guitar based music, there was only one guitar to own. Ibanez. All the guitar heros used one - Joe Satriani and Steve Vai had their custom models, as did Paul Gilbert from Mr Big and Vinnie Moore. Ibanez guitars were about the coolest thing an aspiring guitar god could get. Every kid I knew who played guitar wanted an Ibanez. I saved up my money for years and eventually found a store that was closing down and selling off all their stock. I picked up and Ibanez Jem for an absolute bargain, and I have treasured it ever since. These guitars are just built for rock! They have impossibly fast necks and are perfectly balanced, with sustain like nothing else. You can often tell how good an electric guitar is by playing it without plugging it into an amp. You can really feel the tone as the wood vibrates.

Ibanez guitars have a rich history. The original Salvador Ibanez guitars were produced in Spain but when the workshop was destroyed, a Japanese company bought the brand name and started making acoustic guitars, eventually dropping the Salvador from the name and simply going with Ibanez. The modern Ibanez electric guitars had humble beginnings, starting out as simple copies of Gibson and Fender guitars and then moving on to original designs that were inspired by these classics. Ibanez makes electric guitars that could be considered "Super Strats", ideal for rock and metal with aggressive tone and low profile necks.

I often wondered why Jeff Tyson from T-Ride didn't have a signature Ibanez; As a former student of Joe Satriani, he would be a perfect fit for their style of guitar. As far as I can remember, he played a custom Ibanez RS-5, which was one of Joe Satriani's models. Can't argue with that. He also had a guitar built by gary Brawer/Ransome Custom who hail from San Fransisco, which is where T-Ride was born and where Jeff Tyson lived.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

My mind's on cruise control

Why on earth did T-Ride ever end? A band this good should have gone on to rock stardom! But after one album which is out of print, the band just faded away into near obscurity.

Timing is everything in music. And no doubt the sense of rhythm that all the members of T-Ride had was nothing short of perfect. And that band was tight! I mean tighter than that snare drum you got sitting in front of you. I remember being in a band when I was first listening to T-Ride and trying to get that kind of tight syncopation that T-Ride had, and just couldn't manage. The hours of practice these guys put into their playing, practising and performance really pays off when you hear them.

So why haven't we heard a peep out of them in 16 years? Well 1991 saw the release of Nirvana's album Nevermind. Shooting grunge onto the music scene and making Seattle the hottest place on earth for every A&R man and his dog to find new talent. Sure, other grunge bands were already making some headway - Green River had been around and by all accounts are the first band to be described as Grunge. Soundgarden were the first grunge band to be signed to a major label in 1989, but Nirvana really put grunge on the map. T-Ride were not grunge. Firmly rooted in hair metal, and virtuoso playing, they almost eschewed the grunge trend of detuned guitars and simple rhythmic riffs based on the minor pentatonic scale in favour of complex syncopated music, with lush vocal harmonies and huge production.

Yes, timing is everything, and being a hair metal band in the early 90s, even one as good as T-Ride with Satriani hailing you as the "future of metal" is just bad timing. Let's face it - metal band in the bay area when all the A&R execs are after down and dirty grunge in Seattle is really the wrong place at the wrong time. And T-Ride, despite their brilliance, were destined to fade into obscurity, leaving us with one blistering album, which sounds as good today as it did when it was released.

Working for a living is a social disease

So say the rock gods that are T-Ride. Playing geetar aint a social disease.....

So where the hell did they end up? I mean such a first album should have rocketed them into the stratosphere of rock! The future of metal is what Joe Satriani described the band as. Compared to Van Halen and Queen by others.....somehow though, the world was not ready and the band sunk into obscurity.

Still, music like that doesn't leave the blood, so they must still be out there in the community.....playing, producing....doing what they do.....

Guitar player for T-Ride, Jeff Tyson as he is credited on the album can be found in Prague of all places.....Why there you ask? Well I couldn't tell you, but he has a website Geoff Tyson. In fact, he is looking for a singer. You want to apply? Send him an email.

All sorts of goodies on his website, including a lot of his music. You can hear some T-Ride recordings sans vocals, as well as music from Geoff's other projects. Apparenty, rumour has it that he built his website himself.....man of many tallents.

Still, prague is beautiful so good luck over there matey!

I'm looking for a style that won't drag me down


Knock at the backdoor......Come in, quietly though....I mean that's why you chose the backdoor isn't it? There aren't a lot of people here, because T Ride didn't really make it huge. I mean they had an album, but they sort of faded into obscurity. Sad really, because I loved that album. It sort of reminded me of the vocal harmonies and complex tune-smithing found on a Queen album, but with a thoroughly full on rock guitarst.

Jeff Tyson is really a guitar players guitar player. The man weaves rhythm tracks that are outstanding, complex, but still hummable. The glide around the chordings of a tune, weaving subtle insinuations of lead licks here and there, without ever really breaking into a huge rocking solo. Understated would be a good word. He never sounds like he's struggling to reach that high note. He never sounds like he's stretched. But man can that boy play.

Kick back, turn it on.....get the album going, lets listen to a few T-Ride tunes! Gotta love that
"Back - a - the - door" off kilter triplet into a 2 beat of the 4/4 at the end of Backdoor Romeo.