Friday, 31 October 2008

What guitar did Jeff Tyson use

What kind of guitar is fit for Jeff Tyson, the legendary guitar player for T-Ride? What would best suit his amazing skills as a musician. Every fan wants to know what gear their heros use. It makes them more real. It gives you something to aim for. Get the gear, turn up the amp, put on Backdoor Romeo or Zombies from Hell way too loud and try and keep up with T-Ride. It makes you feel part of the band. So what guitar did Jeff Tyson use back in the T-Ride days?

In the late 80's and early 90's when hair metal was still going strong and grunge had yet to take the focus of guitar based music, there was only one guitar to own. Ibanez. All the guitar heros used one - Joe Satriani and Steve Vai had their custom models, as did Paul Gilbert from Mr Big and Vinnie Moore. Ibanez guitars were about the coolest thing an aspiring guitar god could get. Every kid I knew who played guitar wanted an Ibanez. I saved up my money for years and eventually found a store that was closing down and selling off all their stock. I picked up and Ibanez Jem for an absolute bargain, and I have treasured it ever since. These guitars are just built for rock! They have impossibly fast necks and are perfectly balanced, with sustain like nothing else. You can often tell how good an electric guitar is by playing it without plugging it into an amp. You can really feel the tone as the wood vibrates.

Ibanez guitars have a rich history. The original Salvador Ibanez guitars were produced in Spain but when the workshop was destroyed, a Japanese company bought the brand name and started making acoustic guitars, eventually dropping the Salvador from the name and simply going with Ibanez. The modern Ibanez electric guitars had humble beginnings, starting out as simple copies of Gibson and Fender guitars and then moving on to original designs that were inspired by these classics. Ibanez makes electric guitars that could be considered "Super Strats", ideal for rock and metal with aggressive tone and low profile necks.

I often wondered why Jeff Tyson from T-Ride didn't have a signature Ibanez; As a former student of Joe Satriani, he would be a perfect fit for their style of guitar. As far as I can remember, he played a custom Ibanez RS-5, which was one of Joe Satriani's models. Can't argue with that. He also had a guitar built by gary Brawer/Ransome Custom who hail from San Fransisco, which is where T-Ride was born and where Jeff Tyson lived.