Tuesday, 30 September 2008

My mind's on cruise control

Why on earth did T-Ride ever end? A band this good should have gone on to rock stardom! But after one album which is out of print, the band just faded away into near obscurity.

Timing is everything in music. And no doubt the sense of rhythm that all the members of T-Ride had was nothing short of perfect. And that band was tight! I mean tighter than that snare drum you got sitting in front of you. I remember being in a band when I was first listening to T-Ride and trying to get that kind of tight syncopation that T-Ride had, and just couldn't manage. The hours of practice these guys put into their playing, practising and performance really pays off when you hear them.

So why haven't we heard a peep out of them in 16 years? Well 1991 saw the release of Nirvana's album Nevermind. Shooting grunge onto the music scene and making Seattle the hottest place on earth for every A&R man and his dog to find new talent. Sure, other grunge bands were already making some headway - Green River had been around and by all accounts are the first band to be described as Grunge. Soundgarden were the first grunge band to be signed to a major label in 1989, but Nirvana really put grunge on the map. T-Ride were not grunge. Firmly rooted in hair metal, and virtuoso playing, they almost eschewed the grunge trend of detuned guitars and simple rhythmic riffs based on the minor pentatonic scale in favour of complex syncopated music, with lush vocal harmonies and huge production.

Yes, timing is everything, and being a hair metal band in the early 90s, even one as good as T-Ride with Satriani hailing you as the "future of metal" is just bad timing. Let's face it - metal band in the bay area when all the A&R execs are after down and dirty grunge in Seattle is really the wrong place at the wrong time. And T-Ride, despite their brilliance, were destined to fade into obscurity, leaving us with one blistering album, which sounds as good today as it did when it was released.

Working for a living is a social disease

So say the rock gods that are T-Ride. Playing geetar aint a social disease.....

So where the hell did they end up? I mean such a first album should have rocketed them into the stratosphere of rock! The future of metal is what Joe Satriani described the band as. Compared to Van Halen and Queen by others.....somehow though, the world was not ready and the band sunk into obscurity.

Still, music like that doesn't leave the blood, so they must still be out there in the community.....playing, producing....doing what they do.....

Guitar player for T-Ride, Jeff Tyson as he is credited on the album can be found in Prague of all places.....Why there you ask? Well I couldn't tell you, but he has a website Geoff Tyson. In fact, he is looking for a singer. You want to apply? Send him an email.

All sorts of goodies on his website, including a lot of his music. You can hear some T-Ride recordings sans vocals, as well as music from Geoff's other projects. Apparenty, rumour has it that he built his website himself.....man of many tallents.

Still, prague is beautiful so good luck over there matey!

I'm looking for a style that won't drag me down


Knock at the backdoor......Come in, quietly though....I mean that's why you chose the backdoor isn't it? There aren't a lot of people here, because T Ride didn't really make it huge. I mean they had an album, but they sort of faded into obscurity. Sad really, because I loved that album. It sort of reminded me of the vocal harmonies and complex tune-smithing found on a Queen album, but with a thoroughly full on rock guitarst.

Jeff Tyson is really a guitar players guitar player. The man weaves rhythm tracks that are outstanding, complex, but still hummable. The glide around the chordings of a tune, weaving subtle insinuations of lead licks here and there, without ever really breaking into a huge rocking solo. Understated would be a good word. He never sounds like he's struggling to reach that high note. He never sounds like he's stretched. But man can that boy play.

Kick back, turn it on.....get the album going, lets listen to a few T-Ride tunes! Gotta love that
"Back - a - the - door" off kilter triplet into a 2 beat of the 4/4 at the end of Backdoor Romeo.