Wednesday, 21 January 2009

T-Ride Lyrics - Hit Squad

You call me up in the midnight
To get them when they're asleep
You want to know that there're shaking
And hear the sound of their shriek
I know somebody told you
After I'm done I'll be gone
I ain't a genie in a lamp
You rub me wrong and I'll be stamping more than just the fella doing you wrong
I got a little bit of bang bang
And I can give it to 'em
And all you gotta do is give me something
All that you've got then more
And when I'm finished huntin' you know you'll owe me somethin'
You knew what you were getting into
I'm number one with a bullet
So get up and dance when I tell you to

Hit squad
And when the time has come to pay what you owe
You know I'll be collecting on you body and soul
And when we find we've taken everything that you own

It's like a hit squad

So when you wonder what happened to it all
Remember when you've got to give us a call
We're like a locust swarm and our time of dormancy has passed

Got everything a motherfucker could ever really want
And I've got everything that I'd ever need
I ain't in it for the money sucker I do it for the fun
And you could never find too dirty a deed
I don't ever have a problem getting my army going
All I have to do is play that marching beat
And when they hear me call 'em cattle calling
Pretty soon I've got a horde of loyal suckers into the street

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